The ATP Team

Peter Siepierski : PTS / NWS / CEX / SSC / CF-L1 / Certified Swim Instructor Owner / Strength and Conditioning Coach

Coming up through the years excelling in hockey,football and then becoming a 4 time Canadian National Benchpress Champion and world competitor, Peter has gained his knowledge by learning and sharing training methods with other top notch competitors from around the world to become a high level strength coach. Pete took the 16 year degree in strength and conditioning through experience. He has trained and competed since he's been 13 years old gaining years of experience that makes him an excellent choice for your strength coach. By simply knowing what works to get the most out of his clients in the gym his goal is to help them perform to their full potential.

Kyle Farrell : Cape Breton Screaming Eagles - ATP Strength and Conditioning Coach

If you are looking for motivation you have come to the right place. As a smaller player kyle Farrell has defeated all odds against him with an amazing work ethic on and off the ice that propelled him to be one of the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles top forwards as well as our 2012 Fan Favorite. Now kyle is here to rub off some of that work ethic and motivation to you as ATP's first employee. Kyle has been with ATP from the moment he's been old enough to train even before we started as a business, learning and practicing training methods ATP style. It is my pleasure to have him on board to help young athletes develop the way that he has over the past few years.

Guy Reid : Physiotherapist / Certified Athletic Therapist - Reid Physiotherapy Clinic Owner

When injuries or muscle imbalances are identified during training sessions ATP clients are referred off to Reid Physiotherapy. Guy Reid is a Physiotherapist and Certified Athletic Therapist who is contacted on the spot and given all of the information needed to be properly assessed and treated if required. Prescribed exercises for the client are then discussed between ATP and Reid Physiotherapy and then implemented into their workouts to ensure clients are able to safely continue training by doing exercises that will not affect the injury and promote recovery while properly rehabilitating our clients.